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One of the most frustrating experiences at work is when you send a routine email or request for support and it comes back to you as “that’s not my job” or even worse, no response after several follow-ups.  Finally, when you get a hold of them on the phone or track them down face to face, they state that it wasn’t they weren’t responsible for that, so didn’t bother to respond.   This lack of ownership and teamwork is a culture killer.  It should be everybody’s job in the organization to help get things done and it often takes longer to type an email saying it’s not your job than to forward it on to the correct person for help.

Countless times when I get these kinds of responses from people, it turns out it actually was their job or that the person they thought was in charge of it was not.  Not only are they wasting your time, but they are depriving themselves of finding out the real answer.

Helping a person solve a problem not only creates goodwill in the organization, but it creates organizational learning.  Something as simple as forwarding the email onto the correct person and ccing the original sender both lets the sender know who to go to and both people will be part of the response so they can assist further should the same situation arise again.


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