You’re Accountable, Too!

Blog - Pointing Finger

I hear leaders complain all the time about their teams:  “This person didn’t complete the project on time.”  “This person just can’t seem to get it right.”, “The numbers are below expectations yet again.”  You notice in those statements, there was a whole lot of “them” and no “I”.

The reality is that you are the leader and you are accountable for delivering those results, even if you’ve delegated the task to someone else.  I bet you tell your team all the time not to point fingers and place blame.  Are you leading by example, though?  Instead of pointing fingers yourself, we can ask questions related to our own accountability:  “Did I provide enough support or coaching to this person?”, “Do I clearly explain my expectations and then listen to them regarding challenges they’ll face in meeting them?”, “What can I do as a leader to help bring those numbers up?”, “Are my expectations in line with what our team and organization are currently capable of?” or even “Did I make the right hiring decision?”.

It’s a cliche, but it’s true.  When you point a finger at someone, there are four fingers pointing back at you.


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